Janet was featured in a special "One Woman Show"

during the month of March, 2009 at the Navarro gallery,

120 East 2nd Street, Casper, Wyoming.


Fused glass is glass that is melted at a high temperature in a kiln.


If you don't see something that is just right for you,

it is because I haven't made it for you yet.

One size does not fit all!

 Casper, Wyoming




Fused Art Glass installation, Scott and Lisa Taylor residence, Casper, Wyoming.

 each of the unique 5 fused glass panels are 28" x 20" x1/1/2" thick and weigh 28 pounds.

Installed March, 2014


Fused glass sign for a local  Used Furniture

shop in Casper.


Custom cold cast glass counter top that bridges between

a base cabinet and a breakfast bar in the Rubis residence,

Casper, Wyoming,  Designer, Kathy McGinley.

The glass is over 5' long x 1 1/4" thick and weighs 185#


Details above and below of the center design.


 2' x 4' Bronze fracture sold through Haven Gallery,

Casper for a private residence, Casper, Wyoming

Interior Designer and Gallery owner, Shawn Rivett.


"Bronze Explosion"

Aspen Room Art

"Bronze Fracture" Series,

4' x 4' Fused Art Glass Panel

Installed at Laser Technology,

Centennial, Colorado, 8/2013

Checking out the installation of the new

Wall art for conference room.


Close up view of the wall by Anthony Zambai

In the Laser Technology Conference room.

Fused glass wall 16' x 4' consisting of 15

separate pieces of fused textured glass. Installed

August, 2013, Centennial, Colorado

End view of the wall.  The pieces were mounted

on stand-off's 2", 3", and 4"

Details of some the 15 pieces of fused glass.

panels ranged in size from 6' x 12" to

3' x 8" for the Laser tech wall.



Fire & Water

Fire & Water.  Fused Glass water feature.

Mick McMurry Residence.  The center top portion

of the wall is a fused glass piece that is the focal point

for the water feature.  Fused glass tiles accent the

granite and stone pieces that surround the fireplace.

The water cascades down the glass into the stainless steel

basin.  Design concept by Tom Judy,Rawlins, Wyoming,

Glass fabrication by Janet Zambai,

Stone installation by Lavin Tile, Casper, Wyoming.

This home is also featured on the first Casper Parade of

Homes tour, August 24, & 25, 2007.

Photo below shows what the wall looked like before.



"Runs With Water" 35" x 37" sculpted,

fused glass Horse

March 19, 2011.


This is the "Runs With Water"in the kiln before it was

heated up to 1450 degrees to melt it all together.



Fused Art Glass Panel, 36" x 42"

"Calf Bath"



6' x 2' fused art glass panel

Private residence, Casper, Wyoming



Sample piece for an upcoming job.

The finished panels will be 3' x 6'

for a private residence, Casper, Wyoming



Fractured Ice

Left sample before firing.

Right ,  Fused glass Tara Bowden residance, Casper


Fused textured glass Tara Bowden Residence, Casper, Wyoming

mostly clear glass with accents of red and pale amber.



Fused clear textured glass "Stratus" style in the

master bath cabinet door in a private residence, Casper,

Wyoming.  Mirrors go on each side of the cabinet.


"Creating the Universe"

Currently available



9" x 12"

Currently available


"Earth Center"

Grounding your energies with the Earth Center

creates a strong base for balance. 9" x 10"

Currently available


10" x 12" Fused glass seahorse.

Currently available


Tow of 7 fused glass24" x 48" divider panels for Central

Wyoming Neurosurgeon  at the Mountain View Clinic,

Casper, Wyoming above shown in rear waiting area, and below

is the front waiting area.  2011




fused, textured bent glass light fixture cover.

Sandblasted and painted glass.


Fused sculpted glass "Tropical Paradise.

Currently available



Fused art glass panel "Winter Haven"

currently available


Custom Fused Glass Pendant light that compliments

the fused glass cabinet door glass below that are in the

Carlson residence, in Casper, Wyoming, 8-2011

This is my Evenheat Liberty Bell Kiln

It has a 6' x 4' firing chamber, and No, I do

not do cremations in it...

A piece of clear glass is glowing red at about 1450 degrees

inside of the Liberty Bell.

"Happiness is a warm kiln!"



For something truly unique and original, have

Janet create a unique work of art just for you!


8" x 15" Fused art glass

SOLD   through the Navarro Gallery, Casper

Tony & Gloria Woodward collection, Casper, Wyoming


Fused art glass 14 x 24" Rick's Mountain.

SOLD   through the Navarro Gallery, Casper

Rick Bonander collection, Casper, Wyoming



"Striations of the Earth"

Fused Glass, 2009

Currently available



"Rain Forest" 12 x 24" Fused Glass

Currently available



one of two,

11" x 36" Fused glass Cabinet door insets,

Dowell Residence, Casper, Wyoming,

October, 2009




14 x 24" Fused Glass




This "Blue Bubble" Fused glass Sink / Bowl incorporates the trapping

of bubbles in the glass  with some copper accents.

17"across x 5"tall x 1/2 to 3/4" thick. 24#.

A very substantial bowl that can be drilled with a hole in the

bottom and used as a sink. May, 2008.

Currently available



Ocean Bowl-Fused Glass

17"across x 5"tall x 1/2 to 3/4" thick. 24#.

A very substantial bowl that can be drilled with a hole in the

bottom and used as a sink. 2009




"California Dreamin" left, currently available and

"Grenadine Expression" right both 14" x 24" Fused Art Glass SOLD





Fused Art Glass Panels

"Ocean Blue", left 8" x 20"  currently available

"Rainbow Falls", center 8" x 24"currently available

"Power Rush", right 8" x 24", SOLD




"Bronze Leaf", left,12" x 8", currently available

"Taste of Fall" 8" x 12" right, Fused Art Glass SOLD





Therapy Solutions, Casper, Wyoming, 4 panels of fused, bubble glass, fritography,

sandblasted and painted glass, each 20" x 48" compliment the reception area.

Close up photos below. July, 2009. Frame by Wyoming Building Supply.







Two pieces of fused glass with dichroic accents for the John & Peggy

Whitaker residence, Casper, Wyoming, July 2009,

each piece is 12" x 28" x 1 1/2".



Custom Water Feature


Fused Glass Water Feature.

A custom piece of fused glass, 22" x 48" is

the surface the water cascades over, that

is set into a copper frame for a custom waterfeature

for the Casper Animal Medical Center,

Casper, Wyoming. February, 2009



Fused Glass Window for the new Serenity room, left, and one

of two custom fused glass wall sconces at the Casper

Animal Medical Center, Casper, Wyoming. 2008


Fused Glass cabinet door insets, Lanny & Penny

Fladeland Residence, September, 2009.



8" x 24" fused glass for Scott Weir residence,

Rock Springs, Wyoming. July, 2009.




6" x 12" Left "Black Waterfall" SOLD

6" x 12" Right "River of Light" - $175.00

Fused Art Glass




6" x 12" Fused Glass Panels on easel stands

left, currently available

Right- SOLD




Robert and Sondra Hendy collection

Casper, Wyoming




"Spring Chaos" 10" x 26" x 1"

This fused glass piece was auctioned off to raise  money for the heart

transplant of Lee Reynolds, of Newberg Oregon, September, 2008. 


Janet taught some of her innovative techniques at the

Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas,

She was also one of the guest speakers at the event dinner on

Saturday evening, March 31, 2007. Make plans to attend next year!

register online at  www.glasscraftexpo.com




Fused glass room divider panels for the American National Bank, in Monument Colorado, and

Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The view of Pikes Peak as seen from Colorado

Springs, with the garden of the God's in the foreground.  Each set of three pieces of

glass span 12' in length, and are 39" at the center.  They are a divider between

the inside and outside teller lines.  May 2008.




42"x 36" Fused glass panel above the fireplace.  Rocky Eades

Construction, Casper, Wyoming, 4530 East 24th Street,

on Casper's first Parade of Homes, August 24, 25, 2007

Kinskey Residence.



Fused Glass with Dicroic and Micah accents with metal frame.

Custom design for Private residence,

Casper, Wyoming, March 2008. 4' x 3' x 2"



Danelle & Tom Johnson Residence, Casper, Wyoming, 2007.

5' x 3'. Fused glass with metal frame.


"Sea foam Kelp"

Fused Bubble glass panel from

my "Pieces of water" series.

18" x 16" Private residence, Casper, Wyoming.




Fused Glass bowl June, 2008, 17" x 5" x 3/8" thick, 12.5#.

Custom ordered "Spirit Bowl" and below are two different views of the

same floral vase.  Susan Gore Collection, Cheyenne, Wyoming,

design concept by Bette Burke, Monument, Colorado.






Custom 20" x 32" x 1" fused glass panel for

Stratus Consulting, Boulder, Colorado, July 2008.




Three fused glass panels, 12" x 28" x 2".  From left, "Grenadine Escape",

"Searching For Sun", "Power Play" June, 2008 ALL SOLD




Above, left, Fused Art Glass 12" x 28", "Tree For The Forest",

Right,"Mardi Gras", 10" x 26", June, 2008.  SOLD



CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)  Of Natrona County

will be hosting a fund raiser on April 26 at the Casper Events Center.

They will be auctioning these fused glass vases to raise money to help

children in the court systems.


The 3 fused, draped glass vases above by Janet Zambai.


3 fused and draped glass vases above by Angela Zambai



2  fused and draped glass vases above by Janet Zambai


2 fused and draped glass vases above by Angela and Janet Zambai
















3 separate 8" x 32" Contemporary designed

fused glass panels adorn the fireplace wall in the

Vista Ridge Homes, Kelly Model Home, featured

on Casper's first Parade of Homes, August 24, &25, 2007




Above fused glass pieces that are available at Story Woods Gallery,

Coeurd'Alene, Idaho.  Left, A hint of Spring, 8 x 24"SOLD; Center, Autumn Leaves-SOLD

12 x 24";  Autumn earth Left, 12" x 24",October, 2007 Available at World Art Gallery


27" x 32" fused glass panel, Contemporary design

created in rich colors of the earth. SOLD



27 x 32" fused glass panel with painted accents .



Six fused Bubble Glass panels,

each about 20" x 35",   installed in the reception

area of Wyoming Wound Care in

Casper, Wyoming, July, 2007.


Above detail of Painted fish that swim through the fused bubble glass

panels in the reception area of Wyoming Would Care, Casper, Wyoming.

The fish were sandblasted into the glass, and then painted with an

automotive type paint.

30 x 32 x 6" multi layered fused glass panel.

Bucky & Jennifer Walker residence, Casper,

Wyoming, May 2007.

Close up of two of the front pieces below





Two fused glass panels, each 20" x 32" x 2"

Danelle and Tom Johnson residence,

Casper, Wyoming, May 2007.


20" x 32" x 2" Fused Art glass  panel. Donated to the Casper

Trooper's fund raiser.  Purchased by Marcia and Jerry Davis

of Casper, June, 2007.  You have to see these beautiful pieces

of  glass to fully appreciate the stunning effects of the light

playing with the textures, colors and bubbles in the glass.




Fused Art Glass Panels 8 " x 24" x 1/1/2", July & August, 2007.

At the CASA fund raiser, August 24, 2007 at the Ramkota Inn, in

Casper, Wyoming, all donors who donate at least $5,000 to

CASA will receive  one of these pieces.

These panels incorporate a variety of paints, glass, frits, mica powders,

and some copper inclusions on custom molds, fused to 1485 degrees

in a kiln, to trap bubbles inside the panels. Created by Janet Zambai.




The two bottom ones, above were created by

Angela Zambai.



This is a technique that I discovered, & I call it "Bubble Glass", with copper inclusions. 

It is random pieces of Spectrum glass painted with Fuse master paints and fired

in a kiln to around 1500 degrees to trap bubbles and paint inside of the glass. 

"Steele Blue Water" 20" x 12" x 3" shown below (Detail above.) From

the "Pieces of water" series.


Custom fused water glass pieces with copper inclusions

for Toni Hutcheson residence, Casper, Wyoming,

December, 2006.  Above 20" x 12" x3/8"

window, below 18" x 6" bowl.


Fused "Bubble Glass" shallow bowl with a sandblasted,

airbrush painted trout on the front surface. Todd &

Nancy Witzling collection, Casper, Wyoming.

This was a donation to the Make-A-Wish Fund raiser

held November, 2006



"Chair Of The Universe"

Donation to the Charity Art auction to benefit the

Central Wyoming Hospice home in Casper, Wyoming,

October 28, 2006.  Pieces of fused glass are attached

to a full sized painted oak chair.



Front and back view of a collaboration project with Steve Schrepferman of

Cody, Wyoming. Steve made the Ceramic horse, the cast bubble glass base was

created by Janet Zambai.  This piece sold at the Buffalo Bill Cody Art Show & Sale, 2006.



Two different doves on bubble glass.  the one on the left is sandblasted,

and the one on the right is fused glass.  Custom commissioned pieces.


24" x 18" Fused glass and sandblasted dove.

Gift ordered from the graduating class of 2009

for the St. Anthony's Catholic school, Casper, Wyoming.


  This is piece of painted glass that was fired in my Evenheat Kiln.



11 x 17" Fused iridescent and dichroic glass with frit and copper inclusions, and

a sandblasted hummingbird accent installed in a tray &

donated to Meals On Wheels for a fund raiser March 2005.


12" x 12" "Leaf Study" Fused Glass on wood with copper accents

and copper inclusions .


12" x 12" "Leaf Study" Fused Glass on copper with

Dichroic accents and copper inclusions .



Fused, sandblasted Water Glass bowl 17" x 5".  The bubbles trapped in the

Spectrum glass add a beautiful organic watery quality to the piece.

The glass was slumped into a custom made mold.



A selection of fused glass bowls using Spectrum Glass and

Fusemaster glass paint.



6" x 6" x 1/2" cold cast glass tile Collection the artist.

Uroboros casting billets.



Living in Wyoming you get requests for unusual commissions. 

This client wanted a Horse Hoof mug to drink tequila out of.

  This 6" x 6" x 5" piece was kiln cast in a custom made mold.





Fused glass oriental symbols.  Left is courage and wisdom. Center is Faith and right is Chaos,

You need a little chaos in your life to appreciate the serenity!




Fused, enameled, frit painted, sandblasted Spectrum glass with copper inclusions

on a wooden base.  December, 2004. Dr. Bob Tobin Collection. 12" x 8" x 3"



"Hot Spirit" Fused iridescent Spectrum and dichroic glass with frit

and copper inclusions on a brushed copper base.  SOLD



"Mother's Spirit" April 2004.  Fused Spectrum glass  with

Dichroic glass, frit and copper inclusions.

Donation to Wyoming Cares, event in Cheyenne, Wyoming.




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