All designs on this web site are original designs.


 Casper, Wyoming

If you don't see something that is just right for you, it is

because I haven't created it yet!


For more painted glass, see my Vase page.

For something truly unique and original, have Janet create

a unique work of art just for you!



Custom commission, 18" x 17" glass, painted, fused and frit painted glass.

"Winter at the Gothberg Ranch"

(Winter is the name of the horse) December 2014




New Process of painting and fusing art glass.  The first two, above,Finished, May, 2014. I used an image

of a watercolor painting  by South Carolina artist, Bob Graham, with permission.  The one on the right

belongs to Bob Graham, the one on the left is in my personal collectio of Sue Shea.

The Girl above was finished December, 2015 and is in the Wesnitzer collection, Casper


" Jakey"

14" x 11 custom pet portrait of a beloved dog. Fused frit painted and painted glass



custom sandblasted and painted transom window. 5' x 30" 2014



"Jake" Custom commisioned Fused art glass. Painted and frit painted using

all glass and glass paints.October, 2014



"Skittles" fused, painted glass.Private collection, Linda Glover.



Fused painted glass kitten 5" x 5" left, Bell fused and painted glass




Fused glasss kittens, frit painted and painted glass December, 2014




5" x 7" fused and painted cat  and bird  portraits for Angie Moore 2014








The Wyoming State Flower. Indian Paintbrush. Fused and frit painted October, 2014


Custom fused and painted glass backsplash for the Rairigh  Residence,

Mitchell, Nebraska.28" x 18"

Installed April, 2014



Custom painted backsplash for a kitchen in Duboise, Wyoming.



Custom Fused and painted backsplash for a kitchen inTexas.




Sandblasted custom original design that is airbrush painted.

August, 2014





Custom original design, sandblasted and painted transom window for the

Neumiller residence, Casper, Wyoming,   2012, 19 1/2" x 57 1/2" x 1/4"




One of a set of two closet doors for Angela Zambai

residence, Casper, Wyoming, Design concept by

Angela Zambai. Sandblasted, painted and sandblasted on

both sides of the glass.  March, 2011


Sandblasted, painted texture glass cabinet door inserts

Angela Zambai residence, Casper, Wyoming.


Fused, textured, bent glass, sandblasted and painted

Glass light fixture cover for Angela Zambai

residence, Casper, Wyoming.  January, 2011



Above window one of 31 windows for the Gore Chapel in Lander,

Wyoming.  There are 10 different windows this size, 28" x 40"

Custom design, fabrication and painting by Janet Zambai

Below detail of St. Paul's face, painted with Reusche Glass paints.




The background is fused glass that incorporates frit painting and bubble

glass.  The Antelope and mountains were sandblasted and then painted

on the front surface of the glass.  15" x 25", each panel.  These are

cabinet door insets for the Gail Manke residence, Casper, Wyoming.

December, 2009



Custom ordered gift, 2010

The image of the dog was sandblasted onto a piece of

painted glass, and incorporated into a cut glass panel

11" x 12"





20" x 24" sandblasted and airbrush painted

custom Spirit design on Clear Baroque glass.

Donated to the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation

fund raiser,October, 2009.

Purchased by Dr. Tobin, Casper, Wyoming



Custom Sandblasted and airbrush painted cabinet door

inset for Elain and Ron Halstead residence,

Douglas, Wyoming, June, 2009



Reverse painted back splash for behind a stove in a kitchen  in

the residence of Steve & Angie Surmer in Dubois, Wyoming, October, 2006.

25" x 21" laminated safety glass was first sandblasted, and then painted from

the back side of the glass with automotive paints, using an airbrush and

paintbrushes.  This is the view behind the owner's home.



The design was Sandblasted on a blue green piece of art glass,

and the bird is painted white, in a 12" x 18"oak frame.

Custom Order 12-2008




Sandblasted and painted flowers and a variety of birds adorn

the center pieces of these stained glass windows

for the Garry Meyer residence, Casper, Wyoming. 

Feb., 2007.  15 1/2" x 36", 15 1/2" x 22 1/2"


Custom sandblasted and painted window for

 The Hank and Annita Neubauer residence at Alcova  Lake

November, 2008.  19" x 58"



"Rocky's Mountain"

Sandblasted and painted mountain scene on the back side

of  48" x 52"  x 1/4" clear mirror.  The sky is still left mirrored.

Custom mirror for Eades Construction

Casper Wyoming, August 2008.

This home was featured in the 2nd annual

Parade of Homes, September, 2008.



"Wyoming Mountain Paradise"

4' diameter x 1/4" custom Sandblasted and painted

entry glass , using Automotive type Candy Colors.

Created for Computer Soultions,

Casper, Wyoming, August, 2008.


This custom gift for the Kaigie family is German for

Wine Room.  This is sandblasted and then painted on opaque glass.

The Glass paint was fired in a kiln.

The top photo is with a back light, and the bottom photo is

lit from the front.  This shows the difference that lighting makes.


Two pieces of glass, reverse painted thatinstalled in a shower in the

 Master Bath in the Witzeling residence, Casper, Wyoming.  These reverse

painted scenes are little windows in the shower. 12" x 18" each.


14" x 18" Fused "Bubble Glass" with a rainbow trout

sandblasted and then air brush painted on the surface,

in an oak frame. December, 2007.




Rainbow trout swim through "Bubble Glass" panels in the entry

of Wyoming Wound Care Physical Therapy Office, Casper, Wyoming.

The fish were first sandblasted and then painted.  Installed July, 2007.




These flowers were first sandblasted, and then painted for

one of the panels in the elevator for the McMurry residence,

Casper, WYoming, Installed July, 2007.


"Splash!" The center is sandblasted & painted. 

The borders are fused "Bubble Glass".

This piece is made with Spectrum glass & Reusche paints.

12" x 21 1/2" Sample for Classes in Las Vegas!


The hummingbirds and flowers are sandblasted and

then painted with Reusche Glass Paints

on a heavy textured glass to provide privacy

for this entry door for the Bellis

families Teton Home,. September, 2006.



5' x 3' x 1/4"  clear glass, Transom window above entry door, in the private

residence of Ying & Phillip,   Boulder, Colorado, installed August, 2005.

The custom original design is sandblasted and then parts are painted.

Photo above taken in my studio, photo below shown installed, with

all of the trees in the background outside. 





Above, 3' x 6' sign for Dr. Bob Tobin's new facility , Rocky Mountain Oncology in Casper,

Wyoming, November, 2005.  I started with a piece of mirror, then sandblasted all of the backing off,

except for the lettering and reflection.  Then I carved and painted the rest of the design.

Below the fireplace is surrounded with sandblasted and painted glass are on the opposite side of the wall

from the sign.  November, 2005  The four side panels are about 2' x 4'






Custom organic design is deep carved into the glass by sandblasting, then

painted with special glass paint that is fired into the surface of the glass.

This piece is included in the book, "Contemporary Glass Enameling"

by Kay  Bain Weiner, 2005.

It is also the image that appears on Janet's Glass Art Collector Card #73.



Original whimsical design is deep carved into a piece of clear Baroque glass,

then painted with PPG Automotive paint.



Detail of daisies that are sandblasted and painted with a special glass

paint that is fired into the surface of the glass. 5" x 8"


This beautiful log home of  Bob Ingram, Casper,

Wyoming was sand carved into a piece of opaque glass,

then painted with Reusche glass paints

which were fired into the surface of the glass. 

This is one of three pieces that

are installed in cabinet doors above the stove.  12" x  9" 2003


This is a typical Janet Zambai original floating flowery design.  Sample piece, 10" x 8". 

This piece was the first image in the book "Contemporary Glass Enameling" 

by Kay Weiner.   It is sandblasted and painted with fired in Reusche Glass paints.



Custom bathroom window for the Jacob's Ranch, Wyoming.  The center panel was

sandblasted and painted, then incorporated into a cut glass panel and set

into an octagon window.  32" x 32"



The center panel is sandblasted and painted, then incorporated with some clear textured glass

and bevels for Jack Harbison residence, Casper, Wyoming. Note the reflection from the clear

textured glass in the foreground.


Something for everyone! Just for fun! Detail of a mirror border for a home bar,

Jim & Gail Perino residence, Newcastle, Wyoming, 2006.  The card design

was sandblasted and painted onto a piece of white glass.

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