Variety is the Spice of Life!

  Everyone wants something different!   The possibilities are endless !

If you don't see something that is just right for you, then it is

because we haven't created it for you yet!

All of these designs are original designs custom made for each individual client.

 Casper, Wyoming


For something truly unique and original, have Janet create

a unique work of art just for you!



"Organic Rhythm"  24" x 36" oval stained glass panel. 

This copper foiled panel incorporates beveled glass along

with crystals, dichroic and fused glass.  There were several

custom molds that were made to get the glass to bend into

the specific shapes needed.  This unique panel takes on a totally

different look at every changing of light in the room.



Custom Stained glass windows for library at the

Bob and Pat Nagel residence, Casper,

Wyoming.  June, 2010




Existing  Stained glass panel on the left was too small to fill the opening in the stair way

at the Bob & Pat Nagel residence, Casper, Wyoming, so the bottom

border was taken off and moved down, and an additional 18" of design was

created to compliment the original design.  June, 2010



Stained glass Transom window for the Carroll

residence, Casper, Wyoming, July, 2010



16"x 46" Stained Glass Skylight for a bathroom in the

Carroll residence, Casper, Wyoming, May, 2010

Above with front light and below with back light.




Glass Room Divider with  a single sheet of Architectural

English Flemish glass, set into a custom made frame

by Alan Fowles.  Glass tile accents adorn the top and

bottom sections. One of two in the Brown residence,

Casper, Wyoming, May, 2009



"Joy Full Earth"

This Abstract Stained Glass Landscape,

16" x 22", May 2008,

incorporates fused glass pieces and bubble glass

along with traditional stained and beveled glass.



Custom Stained glass windows

offer privacy in this master bath in the

Rodney Kinskey Residence, Caspr, Wyoming, July 2008.

Each panel 30" x 30"

Close up of the right Stained glass panel in the master bath in the

Rodney Kinskey Residence, Caspr, Wyoming, July 2008.

30" x 30", stained glass with fused and bubble glass





Two images above and image below left, are details of the

lower right photo.  The images are sandblasted onto the Cinamon Baroque

glass and incorporated in the stained glass windows, that are two entry doors

in the Nolen residence, Powderhorn,   Sheridan, Wyoming. 




Stained glass oval for the Silver Fox Lounge, Casper, Wyoming.


Custom stained glass sidelight in entry way.

  Stained glass with

bevels surround the center that is sandblasted and

airbrush painted with a Lighthouse.

Private residence, Casper, Wyoming.



"Spirit Inspired, Comtemplative stained glass Window"

Custom designed window for Susan Gore in Cheyenne Wyoming.

Design concept by Bette Burke,   59" x 17 1/2"June, 2008.




Custom Stained glass French doors

for master bedroom of Bill & Chris

Nolen, Casper, Wyoming, June, 2008.

Photo left is with front light, photo right is installed view

from the hall with the lights on inside the room.



Custom stained Glass 36" x 24" for

"Eggington's Restaurant, Casper, Wyoming.

This Panel incorporates Sandblasting,

Fusing, Slumping and stained glass to

offer an upbeat welcome, we're happy that you are here!


Joni Sides Residence, Casper, Wyoming.  This

custom stained glass bathroom window

was created for privacy, using clear textures and bevels. 

The bottom is one panel of clear textured glass with bevels, and

the top was separated by the wood mullions, so there

are 8 smaller panels set into the the little openings.


30"  x 30" traditional custom beveled glass window for the

bath in the Marion Rochelle residence, in Arizona.

Designed with interior designer, Tom Judy.



Mark & Judy Studer Residence, Casper, Wyoming

Traditional stained glass window with bevels.



Sometimes Simple is all you need.  Custom dining room

Stained glass windows, Akin residence,

Casper, Wyoming, Clear seedy

glass is accented with three rows of clear beveled glass.




Traditional stained glass half round transom window,

Kenetta residence, Casper, Wyoming,2007.


Asbell residence, Casper. 

Stained glass Bathroom window, view

from the  outside.  The design compliments

the design in the shower tile.


20" x 36" custom stained glass cabinet doors,

Garlick Residence, Casper,Wyoming,

August, 2008. Classic elegance with Monogram

of "G" in Gold leaf in the center of the door.



Kebert residence, Casper, Wyoming, 2007. 

Custom Stained glass cabinet door insets

The center K monogram is Gold leaf.




34" x 46" Entry door Stained glass for

The World Famous Wonder Bar, Casper, Wyoming,

October, 2005. The stained glass panel is enhanced

with the center panel that has the logo sandblasted

and painted on a piece of artique glass.



24" x 36" Stained Glass panel for The Pump Room

in Poor Boy's Restaurant, Casper Wyoming. 

The Pumping unit in the center panel is sandblasted and

painted,  then incorporated into a stained glass panel.





Custom stained glass Entry door for Bob Ingram residence,

2004, Casper, Wyoming.  34 " x 46" stained glass panel sealed

in an insulated unit.  The entry for this beautiful Wyoming Lodge

home is enhanced with this stained glass panel.  The Elk is cut out

of heavy sheet copper, and soldered then patina was applied to

achieve a rich rust color.  The Elk Foot prints are sandblasted

into the glass, then painted and the paint

fired into the glass in a kiln.




Geometric design adorns the stained glass entry way of this

elegant home of Dick & Linda Wheeler, Casper, Wyoming.

Mike Brownell Construction, 2004.


Above 11" x 36" and below, 11"  94"  Stained Glass transom

windows in the Master bedroom and bath in the beautiful home of

Vicki Asbell, Lander, Wyoming.  Installed Sept. 2007





59" x 14"  Hummingbirds Dine on sandblasted flowers in the center panels

of this stained glass transom window above the master bedroom door in the

Smith Residence, Casper, Wyoming.  September, 2005.  

Rocky Eades Construction.



Clear textured glass accented with some sandblasted grapes and leaves for a

Stained Glass wine closet door in the Robin & Tamara Smith Residence,

Casper, Wyoming, October, 2005.


24" x 28 1/2" stained glass panel with sandblasted Aspen leaves.

One of 7 panels for the new addition to the

Wyoming Cardiopulmonary Offices,

Casper, Wyoming.  February, 2007


Michelle Trost Residence, Casper, Wyoming, 2003.  40" x 34"  

The design for this Custom Stained glass "Powder room window

compliments the design in the front door, which are beside each other

from the front of the home. The glasses chosen obscure the view in from

the outside, yet let in the natural light.  The flower design in the center

is an element in the light fixture, and was sandblasted

on a piece of  fused glass.



39" x 39" stained glass panel with sandblasted accents. 

Father Bob Cook residence, Lander, Wyoming. 

Interior Stained Glass window. November, 2006.


Interior Stained Glass transom window in the

Fowles residence, Casper, WYoming.

Clear textures, beveled glass and copper came.





A simple bevel cluster is the focal point of this

Stained Glass panel that picks up a little color

along with the beautiful clear textured glass. 

John Drinnon residence,

Casper, Wyoming, 2005


Clear textured glass is accented with little bevels

for this 6" x 12"  stained glass panel for this

simple, yet elegant entry door in a private

residence in Casper, Wyoming.  2005


Custom stained glass panel

Sandblasted Daisies float in the English Flemish

center surrounded by bevels & Oceanic Glue Chip Glass. 

Linda Otto, March, 2006 14" x 18"


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